Tricks and Tips for Effective Twittering

If you want to be an effective Twitter user and really take advantage of Twitter's benefits, it's not necessarily enough just to sign up with a Twitter account. You need to learn how to use Twitter in order for it to help your business. Here are some tips that may help.

1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an application that can help you make your Twitter experience more streamlined and focused. Its intent is to help you read tweets, URLs, and search for relevant tweets. You might consider installing TweetDeck to your Twitter account.

2. Search relevant terms

Type in keywords and do a search on Twitter. The keywords will be related to your business. Then see what's going on out there in the realm of your particular business or market. It can be very eye-opening to see what the "buzz" is in your chosen field. And you can glean good information on your chosen terms and topics.

3. Follow the HashTag

A "hashtag" is a topic with a pound or number sign before it (#). These are often worth clicking on, because you may find a large number of people who contributed to that topic via Twitter. The more ideas you have access to, the better your business.

4. Research prospective customers

Before taking on a new client or customer, consider researching him or her by checking out his or her profile. You can also check out this person's contact on Twitter, and view his or her tweets. This can be helpful in your decision on whether to take them on as a client or not.

5. Don't be "all promotion"

One of the things Twitter users like is the personal nature of it. It's probably a good idea to keep your tweets friendly and professional, but not always promotional. Send out some friendly tweets that are not necessarily about your business. It may seem ironic, but stepping back from promotion may ultimately boost your business.

6. Set up an effective profile

Your profile is important. Your prospects may not know anything about you except what's stated in your profile (remember how you were researching prospective customers - they are researching you, too!). Make your avatar (picture that appears with all your tweets and on your account) reflect your business. It should be clear and distinctive, but not freakish or cluttered. Make your information brief and concise, but it still needs to give thorough information.

7. Be yourself

It can be very stressful to try to maintain an artificial profile and presence! From the beginning, don't be afraid to be who you are - there is no other you, so your personality may well be the unique aspect that makes your business stand out!